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Well, with so many different kinds of escorts available in IP Extension, one can be confused about which kind of service to go with. With models and actresses, there’s more than just looks. They offer similar services like that offered by college girls or housewives but charge much higher prices because they come with a name and fame. What people don’t realize is that these girls actually make for better companions because their life experiences match up to what an average person has gone through (or at least close enough). Also, models and actresses know how to keep it light when things get too serious or deep; they make good listeners who will always give good advice when asked.

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 On the other hand, college girls are great if you’re trying to get away from things. They’re still sweet and innocent, which means they won’t judge your past mistakes or change their mind about talking to you because someone was rude. Also, college girls are good with communicating and can really understand what a man is going through – whether it’s work-related stress or relationship troubles – and help him relax and not think too much about whatever it is that bothers him. On top of all that, these girls come at a very cheap price and most men would want to go with them just because it doesn’t hurt their wallet as much as choosing someone else will.

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 Housewives, however, can really complete a man’s life. These girls balance everything that an average woman would – cooking, cleaning, and making sure everything is in order at home – and can help a man feel like he doesn’t have to do these things anymore. What makes housewives great is that they will also let their hair down every once in a while and make sure all their partner’s needs are taken care of. They know how to keep it fun during bedtime as well as make sure they bring out a deep side from their partner. In addition to all these qualities, housewives charge reasonable prices.

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